Hello world!

I’m starting this blog to document my journey into the vast fields of computer science. My current idea is to send a nice email to some people i don’t know and ask them about computer science. The email will look like this:

Richard Hamming in his talk “You and your research” asked three good questions: What are the most important problems in your field? What are you working on? Why aren’t they the same? In this spirit i’d like to hear your opinion:

What are the most important problems in computer science?

Let’s see what the reactions are.

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  1. […] emphasizes mathematical logic in his research and his answer to my Hamming Question mirrors that. His email reply: Two of the most important problems in computer science are getting […]

  2. The big one: ‘Software patterns’ are slowly approaching the richness and complexity of the classic story-skeletons of literature and story-AI (eg Polti’s 36 dramatic situations). The OS of the future will need a gigantic encyclopedia of these for guessing the (semantic) context of users’ actions.

  3. […] reply to the Hamming question is: Your question is a good one and to give a complete answer would require more time than I […]

  4. […] built for the telecommunication branche and the lead scientist is Joe Armstrong. Nice to hear you quoting Hamming – I often ask students the same […]

  5. A weird one: a general theory of simple patterns that allows generation of any level of complexity by recombination. Including even the figures-of-speech patterns named by classical rhetoric, from palindromes and anagrams up to subtler things like anticlimax.

  6. […] 1st, 2007 Now i’m through my list of 69 people to ask the Hamming question: What are the most important problems in computer science? Some were famous […]

  7. […] has a really cool blog. If he doesn’t blog, he works for Google. Here is his answer to my Hamming question: I’ll do my best to answer. By necessity, I’ve got to be a bit vague, because I […]

  8. […] the most important problem in computer science This blog was founded to collect answers to one question. Richard Hamming asked it in his speech “You and your research”. His talk was more […]

  9. […] I’m too busy to pursue this blog further, but i just got one more reply to my big question from Paul Graham. Sorry to be so long replying. It was largely because I wasn’t sure what to […]

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