Software should be as good as a TV

The answers are rolling in and i’ll work through them one by one.

Our next answer comes from Andrew S. Tanenbaum, known from public fights with Linus Torvalds about Microkernels. He wrote several very good books about operating systems. Tanenbaum has a very direct and visionary answer.

The most important problem is making software secure and reliable. Software should be as good as a TV set: the average user will not have ANY failures of any kind in a 10-year ownership period.

I’m not so sure about the TV sets, but unfailing software is a good goal. He adds a link to his project, which i will happily forward to you.

I am working on that. See

If you didn’t know. Minix3 isn’t just the learning exercise Minix was. Minix3 is intended to become a real world operating system.

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