Personal Research Agenda

I found Brad Neuberg wrote a blog entry, where he ponders about the exact same question as i am doing here. He has a list of things, he considers important.

  1. What does a true, next-generation Internet word processor look like, one that deeply embeds the browser and community?
  2. Is it possible to continue creating radically new versions of the web and browsers that introduce fundamental new advances?
  3. The flip side of the previous question is: How far can we push the present generation of web browsers from the inside through clever tricks?
  4. How can we create communication technologies that provide ever greater levels of interpersonal connection, collapsing the geographical distance between loved ones and family?
  5. How can we create email systems that almost completely eliminate email from your life, allowing you to focus on the emails that you need to with as little time invested as possible?
  6. How can we create search systems that make answering our questions even more intuitive and integrated then they are now?
  7. Can we create hypertext technologies that transform how we link and talk about information and documents? Further, how can we port these hypertext technologies to the contemporary web so they are actually adopted?
  8. Handling events still sucks — how can we make scheduling and discovering events that are important and relevant to you and your groups suck much less than it does now?
  9. How can we be more effective at creating ideas?
  10. Can we create technologies that are as fundamental and important as writing has been?

That’s quite web centric, but we agree that it is important to think about this.

I’d love to see others create similar lists on their own blogs. One of the reasons for posting this list is I want to attract others who are interested in similar things, so we can brainstorm about them over a strong cup of coffee (or a strong Guinness).

Me too! I just have no list of my own, yet.

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