More women in computer science

That post about the Top 3 female computer scientists was more controversial, than i had thought. Maybe i shouldn’t have included Culver. Nevertheless i got an extended list of women from the comments. Thanks for your feedback!

Together with Alan Kay Adele Goldberg developed the Smalltalk programming system and was on the front of object-oriented programming. She currently works at her startup, developing intranet knowledge management software.

Monica LamMonica Lam is a professor at Stanford and an author of the third edition of the Dragon book. She supposably is one of the Top 50 most cited computer scientists. One of her current projects at moka5 is a portable image for secure computing called LivePC.

Radia Perlman invented the spanning tree algorithm for efficient and robust network routing. She is active in network and security research at Sun. (interview)

Together with Chuck Moore Elizabeth Rather developed and promoted the Forth programming language.

Barbara Liskov was the first women to get a Phd in computer science in the US. She currently works at the Programming Methodology Group at MIT.

Hedy LamarrHere comes the only women who isn’t really a computer scientist. Hedy Lamarr invented the concept of frequency hopping, leading to CDMA. Read her story! She flew from her first husband and became an actress. She shocked the audience with a nude scene and later got a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Irene Greif had a key role in the development of Lotus. She “brought a more user-friendly perspective to the field, bringing social scientists and computer scientists together for the first time“.

Pat Selinger built the first practical relational database at IBM. She innovated at cost-based query optimization for relational databases.

I didn’t include women like Rebecca Wirfs-Brock. They are programmers or hackers, but not computer scientists.

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  2. i’m a girl in computer science too.

  3. Then rock on, tujiagirl! 🙂

  4. You forgot Joanna Rutkowska

  5. Don’t forget Lynn Conway.

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