How to get going as a blogger

This blog now has somewhere around 100 daily readers, so i consider it a good start. Here is my biggest tip for aspiring bloggers: Marketing

In the computer science world the attitude often is against marketing and commerce. The assumption is “marketing” means “selling shit to stupid people”. This assumption is false.

Marketing means to find out “what people want and how to satisfy them”.

In the case of blogging you probably already know what people want i.e. you know what you want to write about. The second part is to satisfy.

  1. They need to know you exist. Get your blog public. My biggest success comes from submitting my posts to programming.reddit, but every single link is important. Comments on other blogs are very good too.
  2. They need to understand how to get your articles. Subscribing via feed is the obvious way, but you probably can do better than you do now. It helps to get a big orange button or to encourage to subscribe after every article. Some people prefer email, cater them!
  3. They need to enjoy it. Make your blog beautiful und useable. Some pictures are nice, too.

There is plenty of blogging advice available. For example ProBlogger. Read and follow! This post is motivated by his Birthday Bash action.

Get blogging! Especially if you write about computer science. I’d like to have some colleagues.

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